Oh dear, what were they thinking? Employees of a video and camera repair shop are being investigated in Massachusetts after photos of the Jolie-Pitt family (while they were vacationing in Africa) were leaked to the Internet .The story according to People.com is that Angie’s brother James had some pics of the family on his camera and while the camera was in for repairs,an employee downloaded some of the photos and shopped them around to various mags and web sites.The employees could face anti paparazzi charges, Not so good for them. Here is some advice….if someone comes in and drops their camera off to be repaired and there are some fab pics of ,oh I don’t know…Madonna or Britney frolicking with their family, DO NOT TRY AND SELL THEM…I repeat, DO NOT TRY AND SELL THEM. Better yet, do not publish them either. SOURCE : People.com