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cargo beautyFeeling A little tired and worn out from delivering that baby? No time to get ready with the baba screaming in the background? Even celebrity moms need a lil’ somethin somethin to be picture perfect for the paparazzi hiding in the bushes. KATE HUDSON , mom to celebrity babe RYDER, likes to put on CARGO’s¬† SOHO LIP GLOSS to keep her pout shiny and picture ready. Mommy GWYNETH PALTROW¬† uses BECCA’S CREAM BLUSH in TURKISH ROSE to put the color back in the apple of her cheeks after a busy day. REESE WITHERSPOON, mommy of two children likes to keep it simple and uses JOHNSON’S BABY SHAMPOO to keep her hair manageable while she runs errands in her designer shades and milk stained tee. However tired you are, remember that a little lip gloss, blush and clean hair can make your baby filled day a little more managable. SOURCE : child.com