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britney spears babyCelebrity Bumps were never so fashionable…put away your over sized Chanel bag, and your Prada wearing chihuahua and go get knocked up.  Not only do you need a BUMP but you need to dress it up. No more shlummpy  tee shirts you borrowed from your man, it’s time to showoff your growing belly with style.  Celeb moms today are turning to SAY BUMP MATERNITY SHIRTS (www.saybump.com).  Stars such as BRITNEY SPEARS and HEIDI KLUM have been spotted about Tinseltown in their swarovski crystal maternity shirts with cheeky sayings. Even Britney can join in and make fun of herself as she got one with ‘BUMP I DID IT AGAIN’. These Tees are fun and hip, and you’ll be so in with the US WEEKLY crowd.