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crocs for kidsI know here at Celebrity Baby Clothes we have voiced our negative opinion of CROCS. But the celebs keep wearing them and our job is to let you know what fashionable celebs and their children are wearing, no matter what. Not only are KELLY RIPA’S children wearing CROCS, but celebrity parents such as FAITH HILL, KATE WINSLET, TERI HATCHER and even old JACK NICHOLSON have been spotted wearing the resin clogs. TERI’S daughter EMMERSON was spotted wearing a delicious blue colored pair while selling lemonade for charity. Well, they are practical and don’t smell after a day of shopping in BEVERLY HILLS. I still think they areĀ  more suitable for the beach or sailing on your catamaran in the South of France, but if you can’t beat ’em join ’em. What do you think of CROCS? Are they here to stay? Are they the UGG of 2006?

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