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TOM CRUISESo now that TOM’S been dropped from Paramount Pictures, he’s been out and about LA flashing his, ‘everything is just fine’ grin while pulling SURI’S mom KATIE along by the hand.  And just to get his name out there a little bit more, he’s now reportedly saying he is sorry about the whole BROOKE SHIELDS thing.  TOM…you really insulted the woman, saying she knew nothing about antidepressants, that she was being irresponsible and that her career was in trouble.  I’d be shocked if you had one mommy fan left out there.  So now that Tommy needs some good press, he’s telling the New York Daily News through one of his producers that he “deeply regrets” those remarks.  The only thing Tom regrets is his lack of judgment.  He’s one celebrity daddy that needs to clean up his act if he wants the fans back. Those SURI pictures must be about to be released cause we only hear from this odd couple when there are movies to be released, random strangers to be saved, or bad press to spin.  SOURCE : PEOPLE