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British model and mommy to LILA GRACE,4, KATE MOSS has just announced she will be designing clothes for TOP SHOP.  For those of you in the know…TOP SHOP is as addictive as cocaine (sorry Kate) and super stylish.  The clothes are affordable and funky, on the same page as H&M.  Unfortunately you have to be shopping in the UK to experience what TOP SHOP is all about. There are rumors that they will open a flagship store in NY, but that could be awhile, so don’t hold you breath.  Interestingly enough, H&M (TOP SHOP’S rival) dropped KATE as a model as soon as the drug allegations surfaced a year ago.  Their loss will be TOP’S gain.  KATE, who puts the ‘skinny’ in skinny jeans is just the latest celeb to join the trend of designing for a company that is considered affordable and attainable for the average Joe.   KARL LAGERFELD and MADONNA designed lines for H&M, and ISAAC MIZRAHI for TARGET…what’s next? GWYNETH for Old Navy…don’t roll your eyes, it just may happen if the price is right. What do you think…is it too soon to have this alleged drug using celeb mommy as a cover girl for a clothing line that young women love? Or should we just forgive and forget and get to shopping?