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Celebrities are all about organic anything right now.  And well they should be….organic is the way of the future and celebs are usually the first to try anything.  CELEBRITY hairdresser to the stars DANIEL GAVLIN JR. ( yes, THE hairdresser that gave us HANGOVER SHAMPOO) was horrified at the listed ingredients on the shampoo he was using to wash his baby's hair.  So he made his own shampoo made of organic ingredients ( don't fret, there is organic body wash and moisturizer too). DANIEL lives a completely organic lifestyle so you can trust that his baby shampoos are the real deal.  He uses lavender and chamomile in his line of  baby products, so your babe will smell yummy after their bath.  Peace of mind is important when you are caring for your baby and DANIEL'S organic shampoo will give you that.  Organic may seem like a luxury now, but soon it will become a way of life for all. SOURCE :