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SURI CRUISE is shaping up to be the best dressed kiddy in HOLLYWOOD.  Little SHILOH may have to watch her back cause SURI has a great wardrobe already ( isn’t shopping for little girls tons of fun?).  SURI’S Vanity Fair photo spread shows off some great baby girl outfits and shows us that mommy KATIE has impeccable taste.  SURI’S clothes are French chic and movie star stylish all at the sametime.  Our favorite is the stylish white dress she wears from BESOS KISSY KISSY line in the PRIMROSE pattern.  White can be tricky for a baby , but so cute for special photos.  According to PEOPLE, KATIE is a fan of LA LA LING in LA and spent some serious cash online ordering some cute clothes for SURI.  On Mommy’s list was “My Mom Rocks” tee, some vintage rock-n-roll tees, and pink PUMA baby shoes.  As you can see KATIE, has quite the variety of baby clothes for the little one….fancy white dresses and black concert t-shirts.  SURI is ready for whatever she has planned in her mini BlackBerry.  SOURCE :,