You Are A Yummy Mummy

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Yes, you are a yummy mummy….you just forgot.  Feeling nostalgic for the days when it was a choice between Jimmy Choos and Manolos and not apple sauce or pureed peas?  Well look no further than this fab nursery rhyme book from Spy Publishing called, "This Little Piggy Went To Prada".  This cheeky children's book contains twenty one name dropping, and hilarious nursery rhymes for the mommy who needs a little Dior back in her life.  If you want your baby to go to bed to the same stories that all the celeb babies do, then pick up a copy today and slip on your Choos, put on your Burberry trench, and climb into bed with your little one and giggle away.

This Little Piggy Went to Prada: Nursery Rhymes for the Blahnik Brigade

Madonna & Child Take NYC

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madonnaThe Material Girl and her new little bubba DAVID touched down in NYC this weekend so mommy MADONNA can promote her new children’s book TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE ( A tale of how little girls can persevere even when they have the same crush….in other words a fairytale). Anyway…if you look close you can see that baby DAVID is following in mommy’s religious footsteps and wearing a red Kabbalah bracelet around his wrist. Who knew that little DAVID would be wearing THE fashion accessory of Hollywood so soon? SOURCE :

The English Roses, Too Good to be True

Baby Gear Suggestions by Christina Vercelletto

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the view

baby talkWe keep getting requests from readers wanting to know about all the baby gear suggestions BABY TALK editor CHRISTINA VERCELLETTO made on THE VIEW way back in February.  That was the episode where ELISABETH HASSENBACK had a baby shower for the audience (Can’t you just FEEL the tension between ROSIE and ELISABETH everyday?   That’s one big fight waiting to happen… love it!). CHRISTINA made some great suggestions and since you wanted to know what she said, we have listed all the baby gear she thinks is tops.

If you desire anything on CHRISTINA’S list, just visit our Celebrity Baby Boutique to pick up your treats!

Diaper Bags

  • Jeweled Strap Blue Denim Messenger Diaper Bag by Wendy Bellissimo
  • Amy Coe Two-Tone Square Tote Diaper Bag

High Chairs

  • Aquarium Healthy Care High Chair
  • The First Years Infant-to-Toddler Reclining Feeding Seat

Car Seats

  • Evenflo Infant Seat
  • “Companion Infant Car Seat – Black Cambridge by Britax”

Bouncy Seats




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Our new favorite baby clothing line is TRICKY and TITCH, a Canadian company that makes baby clothes for the love of design, style, comfort and fun.  They are faves of many celeb mommies and have been featured in WISH and PREGNANCY magazine.  Since it’s Canadian made, you know it’s strong, durable and a little bit cheeky!  Everything is prewashed and preshrunk so you can wash and dry your baby’s onesies without fear.  My faves are the “gorgeous” pink baby hat ( a Canadian baby can never have too many hats!) and the chocolate brown “hug me” onesie.  I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of all the cute baby clothes out there…I want some style, and with TRICKY and TITCH you get that.  Visit their site and get yourself some Canadian baby gear!


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Celeb designer KATE SPADE does more than make fab bags for fashionable mommies.  She now creates baby clothes and accessories.  The clothes are so adorable and sweet.  Wool cardigans and cashmere hats are a must for the baby fashionista this winter and KATE makes the most delicious ones I’ve spotted so far.  Also in her line are baby brag books and baby stationary sets that are really sophisticated looking and sharp, just like her line of diaper bags that are a cult fave in the celeb world.  The prices are moderate to high, but the quality and style factor are too.  The wool cardi in kelly green is my fave and I love how soft it really is.  Check them out at


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 appaman vintage ski jacketWhat do Miss ANGELINA JOLIE and GWYNETH PALTROW have in common?  (besides knowing what BRAD looks like first thing in the morning)  Both their kiddies wear the latest designs from Appaman a seriously cool and hip clothing line.  While MADDOX, son of ANGELINA , travels the world over with his parents, he is always photographed wearing one of their funky tee shirts.  APPLE MARTIN, two and a bit,  was out with her celeb mommy GWYNNIE, strolling the bustling streets of New York wearing a funky coat from APPAMAN.  The vintage ski jacket (in orange and raspberry) looks so cute on her and shows her momma has great style and taste.  I hate it when kids dress better than me!  Whoever gets her hand-me -downs is one lucky baby! SOURCE : & pic by people magazine

Get your Appaman jacket here.


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BOO HOO!  Another celebrity mom on the issue of baby weight.  GWEN STEFANI ( who’s new album is due out Dec.,5) told RYAN SEACREST on his radio show that, “It’s been hard, but it’s mostly gone.”  As moms we all know how hard it is to drop weight you gain during a pregnancy….but to hear Hollywood mommas complain about it makes it harder on the rest of us.  Though we here at Celeb Baby Clothes applaud her method of a healthy diet and exercise to lose the weight we really don’t want to hear about how difficult she found it.  If the average mom had a nanny, a zillion dollars and a chef, they would not complain about how hard it was to lose the weight….that would make it easier.  We must say she does look great and she did also state that she was still breastfeeding little KINGSTON, so that makes up for some of her whining.  Toughen up GWEN…you got it easy!  SOURCE :


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KATE MOSSOh baby! Britain’s Sunday Mirror newspaper is reporting that KATE MOSS, supermodel and pusher of such brands as Rimmel and Burberry is preggers with the troubled PETE DOHERTY’S child.  The Babyshamble’s frontmans uncle told the British paper that he has spoken with PETE and he has confirmed the pregnancy.  KATE is already a mommy to 4 year old LILA GRACE.  This year has been up and down for the British model as she had to deal with those pics of her allegedly snorting drugs plastered across every news paper and being dropped by several high profile companies due to the scandal. However, she did close a deal with chic and funky TOP SHOP to design a line for them, proof that any press is good press. Rumors have be swirling in the UK that KATE and PETE are about to marry….so pregnancy rumors are almost expected.  With PETE fresh out of rehab and KATE being photographed partying non stop, lets just hope for everybodies sake that this really is a rumor.  SOURCE : SYDNEY MORNING HERALD


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Tired of your old diaper bag?  Looking for something to spice up your stroller?  Want to be the envy of all the moms at your weekly play dates?  Then look no farther than JJ COLE COLLECTIONS ( for your baby needs.  JJ combines convenience, style, function and fashion to deliver the best in children’s transport products to you, the mommy in need.  Celebrity parents BEN AFFLECK and JENNIFER GARNER have been photographed using JJ’S bundelme sleeping bag to keep baby VIOLET warm.  My fave is their chic urban diaper bag.  It carries all you need for a day out with baby.  Celeb Baby Clothes also loves their essentials bottle pod (the chocolate and pink design is so fab) for keeping baby’s milk just as cold or warm as she likes it.  It attaches to the stroller so no worries about finding a spot to put it.  It really is refreshing to see a company that cares about function AND style.  Us mommies are tired of Disney character diaper bags…we want products that are fun, functional and fabulous.

PS : Did you see their baby carrier on GREY’S ANATOMY?  Dr.Baily sure knows style.

Jj Cole New Edition Premaxx Baby Carrier Red Orange


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COURTENEY COX and BRITNEY SPEARS have found the most fabulous and chic diaper bag there is.  SKIP HOP makes functional and stylish diaper bags that can be used by mom or dad.  The bags are so great that I’ll be using mine when buba heads off to collage….I’ll just be storing US WEEKLY and my Kiel’s lip balm where bottles and diapers used to go.  Based in New York and started by a husband and wife, SKIP HOP has grown into a cult fave of the rich and fabulous.  But who’s kidding who?  We know who really carries these bags full of gear for all these celeb babes…the nanny.  Well I carry my own and I love it.  You will too. Check ’em out