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juicy couture dressjuicy couture dressWho would have thought that EVA LONGORIA and little LOLA (DENISE RICHARD'S 1 year old daughter with CHARLIE SHEEN) would be photographed the same week wearing the same JUICY COUTURE CABLE PATTERN VELOUR DRESS.  We can understand PARIS and NICOLE wearing the same frock….but a 30-ish television star and a celeb baby?  Stranger things have happened.  Either way, it does look cute on both of them.  Funny though…EVA is trying to dress younger while DENISE is trying to dress her baby more sophisticated.  You can't always get what you want, even as a celebrity.  If you are over twenty and love this dress, we suggest you pair it with some tights and funky boots and a little sweater.  Great dress for those first few weeks of pregnancy or those  post delivery days.  You can hide it all under that empire waist.  SOURCE : people.com, picture from people.com