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Since celebs love doing whats hip and happening, we predict they are gonna love the bags from MIMI THE SARDINE.  Being environmentally friendly is "in" and that means celebs are doing what they can for the environment (especially when the paparazzi are following their every move with a lens).  MIMI THE SARDINE makes lunch totes, bibs and  bags (great for grocery shopping or as a diaper bag) that are made from Swedish cotton prints that have been treated with an environmentally sound coating to make them permanently water and soil resistant. You just wipe 'em clean…sounds so easy that even celebrity mommies could do it ( or at least their nannies can).  All you need to go with your toddler's new reusable lunch tote is a SIGG WATER BOTTLE and they are on their way to saving mother earth.

Sigg Switzerland Aluminum Water Bottle