Celebrity Baby Trend

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What are all the celeb mommies like GWYNETH PALTROW, KELLY RIPA, MADONNA and REESE (glad you dumped the cheater) WITHERSPOON putting on their kiddies tootsies these days?  Rainboots!  Gone are the days when you had to choose between yellow and black, now your little one can puddle jump all the way home in style.  We recently wrote about the popularity of KAMIK BOOTS ( fab Canadian footwear company that knows how to dress your feet for unhappy weather) and just how lovely they looked on LOURDES while out for brother ROCCO’S birthday.  HATELY is another Canadian celeb fave (APPLE MARTIN) that  makes funky boots to tramp through the mud patch in.  But my fave new wellies to put my bubba in these rainy days are Plueys (www.plueys.com).  These rubber boots rock and besides being chic and fabulous,  they keep your feet warm and dry too!  I love the Sugar Plum for me and the Berry Stripey for my little pumpkin.  Slip a pair on and go jump in the puddles like the celebrity mom you are!