Eat Like A Celeb Baby

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Who knew that even your baby can get take out delivered to the door?  Organic baby food is the biggest trend in parenting today.  Gone are the days when all you have to choose from is dusty jarred mushy peas….now you can serve your bubba red lentils with asparagus or Cuban black beans.  How Gwynnie Paltrow!  Companies are popping up all over ready to offer your tot fresh and healthy meals.  American babies can dine on BOHEMIAN BABY ( a celeb fave and featured in the NY TIMES and City Baby LA.  When KATIE is too busy deciding what  designer diaper bag to pack for little SURI, she can rest easy knowing that  baby’s breakfast is taken care of.  For families living a little further north,  SWEETPEA BABY FOOD ( has been providing Canadian babies with nourishing organic yummies for over two years.  They have been featured in celebrity swag bags of the rich and famous and are creating quite a name for themselves.  These companies take away the mommy guilt we all have when we don’t have time to make baby food from scratch ( yes, I know it’s easy…the chopping, steaming, mixing, cleaning, freezing…all while we care for a crying baby…yeah, real easy). So go ahead and splurge…live like a celeb mommy and enjoy!