Paper Denim For Your Baby

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Now your baby can be just as stylish and fabulous as you are.  It’s no fashion secret that PAPER DENIM makes jeans that the stars salivate over.  Celeb mommy GWYNNIE PALTROW loves her butt in PD’S jeans, as does half of Hollywood.  They make THE best maternity jeans, you’ll never need to ask how you bum looks, cause you’ll know it looks good in these jeans.  Paper Denim’s jeans come in many different washes and styles and are the most durable hand stitched pants to come along in ages. Sure they cost a little extra, but isn’t your petit fashionista worth it?  Sometimes it’s OK to splurge.  Our advice?  Buy them a little too big, roll the legs up for the first little while, then when they get a little too small, hem them up to capris for the summer.  You’ll get a whole year of wear out of them.  Pair buba’s delicious jeans with a funky tee from DIRTY LAUNDRY( Supaman Long Sleeve Tee in Blue (c) )and you’ll be ready for your big day out at The Ivy together.

Couture Candy sells tons of Paper Denim products…have fun shopping!