What Is Gwen Thinking?

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gold stroller mamas and papasUsually GWEN STEFANI gets it right…not this time ladies.  See the pic of the gold nightmare of a stroller she has been pushing little KINGSTON around London in?  All we can say is tacky, tacky, tacky.  Even if gold lame is making a comeback, there is no reason to subject your little bubba to it.  We give this a big thumbs down and are thankful that only ten of these strollers were made (DIDDY reportedly owns one too).  The British company that makes this stroller is usually a fave of Celeb Baby Clothes…they’re called MAMAS and PAPAS (www.mamasandpapas.co.uk) and they sell wonderful, stylish, chic baby clothes and gear…usually.  GWEN, just cause it’s exclusive, doesn’t mean it’s fashionable. Don’t buy a stroller to match your one pair of gold boots.  Hope it was a gift.  SOURCE : people.com (pic from people.com)

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