Delicious Organic Beauty Solutions

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juice beautyWhen is the last time you got out to have a proper facial?  Being a mommy means time is precious and finding time for yourself can be a challenge.  The best solution I can come up with is having everything you need for a yummy facial at your fingertips so you can lock yourself away in the bathroom while daddy takes care of  the little ones.  JUICE BEAUTY, an organic beauty line of cleansers, exfoliants and peels is a fave of celeb mommies such as JENNY GARTH  (of 90210 fame), MADONNA and CINDY CRAWFORDJUICE has been featured in Vogue, Elle and Hello magazine and is a hot seller at Sephora.  They use yummy ingredients like raw cane sugar, honey and aloe to help rejuvenate your tired mommy skin.  I love that it’s organic and free of chemicals and funky ingredients that I can’t pronounce.  Love their tinted lip balms and Green Apple Peel.  When the baby is crying, the house is a mess and you have been wearing the same sweats for what seems like forever, these sweet treats for your face are like heaven.

Juice Beauty Organics To Go Kit

Juice Beauty Lip SPF 15 Tinted Lip Moisturizers 3 Pack .15oz each

Juice Beauty – Green Apple Peel Sensitive – NEW!

Celeb Mommies Love Petunia

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sunset dragonThe TOURING TOTE diaper bag from PETUNIA PICKLE BOTTOM is fast becoming the IT bag of Hollywood mommies.  With fab silk brocade and tons of room to store your baby’s sippy cups and wipes, this bag is worth every penny.  Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bags are reportedly used by celeb mommies such as GWYNETH PALTROW, KATIE HOLMES, and MARISKA HARGITAY.  The Touring Tote fits nicely under your arm and has the look and feel of a luxurious handbag, so you can take it from the playground to the Ivy and still feel fashion fabulous.  Today’s mommy needs a diaper bag that is versatile and stylish.  Toss the Sesame Street diaper bag out and enjoy your grown up Touring Tote.  We love the red SUNSET DRAGON tote…an unexpected color, yet so stylish an eye catching that you can’t go wrong.
Sunset Dragon Petunia Pickle Bottom Touring Tote

Petunia Pickle Bottom Touring Tote- Coco Roll

Green Tea- Petunia Pickle Bottom Touring Tote

Kitson’s The Place To Be

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Where are all the celeb moms dropping there million dollar paychecks this holiday season?  KITSON is THE place to be for all your celebrity stalking this year.  Momma ANGELINA JOLIE and DENISE RICHARDS were spotted making some purchases for their kiddies at the Robertson BLVD shopping mecca.(Wonder if Jennifer A. bumped into Angie while shopping for Goddaughter COCO? Can you say awkward?).  Anyway, KITSON and KITSON KIDS is the place to get all those last minute Christmas gifts for the little celeb baby in your life.  They have such funky and unique clothes for children, and while you shop you never know what star you’ll bump into.  DENISE picked up some LITTLE MISS hoodies and BONG GIRL tees for her little girls with CHARLIE SHEEN.  Although…Denise is looking so tiny herself these days she could have been shopping for herself.  SOURCE, pic of Angelina

You Are Splendid

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Hollywood moms like to kick back and relax once in a while ( make that every night if your Britney Spears).  What do they like to slip into while they watch the maid tidy up and the nanny put the kids to bed?  Cotton tees and Henley pull overs by the yummy celeb fave SPLENDID.  Worn by celeb moms such as GWYNETH PALTROW, and KATE ( I would have left CHRIS for OWEN too) HUDSON and regularly featured in the pages of Vogue, Instyle and Elle, SPLENDID is a Hollywood must have.  Their tees are super soft and their black leggings so trendy and comfy. Now they have launched a line of clothes for the little people in your life called SPLENDID LITTLES.  Now you can follow JENNIFER GARNER and baby daughter VIOLET’S lead and get some matching SPLENDID clothes for you and baby (although I’m not so into matching my baby, some people find it cute).  If you can’t make in down to Bloomingdales, Nordstroms or Fred Segal to purchase some super soft and yummy clothes for you and baby , you can get your fix here.  SOURCE :

Ribbed Stripe Henley Tee for Kids

SHOP BOP has tons of SPLENDID items for days you want to be cozy yet stylish.

Organic Beauty Solutions

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jurliqueCelebs love anything organic, especially for their babies.  Organic anything is hot right now and more attainable than ever.  Celeb mommies NICOLE KIDMAN, GWYNETH PALTROW and MICHELLE WILLIAMS are big fans of JURLIQUE NATURAL SKIN CARE PRODUCTS, an Australian based company that grows their herbs organically in the beautiful South Australia.  Just look at their skin…they all look fabulous and fresh (being a millionaire and married to gorgeous men might have something to do with this too).  JURLIQUE also makes a line of yummy organic products for little bambinos.  They make you feel so soft and delicious that you’ll be using them too.  We love the GENTLE SHAMPOO and BODY WASH.  Wonderful for baby and mommy’s sensitive skin.  You’ll have Gwynnie’s glowing mane of hair in no time!

Jurlique Baby’s Soothing Bubble Bath 125ml/4.2oz

Jurlique Lip Care Balm

Jurlique Baby’s Calming Bath Oil 100ml/3.4oz

Yummy Treats For Tired Moms

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lollia dream creamEvery mommy needs a relaxing break.  There comes a time when you need to hand the baby over to the daddy and lock yourself away for a little while.  Why not treat yourself like a celebrity while your at it?  LOLLIA by Margot Elena makes bathing and pampering products that are celeb cult favorites.  They have been featured in LUCKY, INSTYLE and O Magazine.  There isn't a bathroom in Hollywood that doesn't have at least one scrumptious LOLLIA bubble bath in it.  LOLLIA is all about relaxing, tranquility and escaping your day to day troubles.  Our favorite is the Dream Cream and the Calming Bubble Bath.  After using these two products you'll forget you haven't slept since labor and that you changed 10 diapers before noon.  So go ahead…lock the bathroom door, dim the lights, light you new Lollia Candle, pour the bubble bath (make sure to have plenty of wine, forget the glass, just the bottle) and relax.  The packaging is so classy and chic that the Lollia line of bath products makes a great baby shower or hostess gift. 

Lollia Dream Whipped Handcreme 3.85oz

Lollia Dream Calming Bubble Bath 25oz

Stylish Slings For You and Baby

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Don’t you wish mother nature had blessed moms with more than two hands?  Never a day goes by that I couldn’t use an extra hand or two while caring for baby.  That’s where PIPPALILY  BABY SLINGS come in handy.  They make beautiful hand made cotton lined slings so you can stylishly carry your baby around, hands free, so you can do all the other million things mommies do throughout the day.  These slings are Canadian and gorgeous.  Some even come lined with fleece to keep your little one warm throughout the winter.  You can choose from simple and elegant cotton slings or hip and eye catching brocades.  PIPPALILY ( have found the perfect combination of style, and comfort.  Thanks to one of my wonderful readers in Canada who told me about PIPPALILY. 

Fooey On You

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I just love seeing a funky, hip tee on a baby or toddler.  No offense to Winnie, but a fresh look is always exciting.  FOOEY CLOTHING makes creative and unique clothing for your child, .  Their tees are fun and well designed, and for the socially conscience parent, they are sweat shop free and made in the US.  Hollywood moms like MADONNA and KATE HUDSON have dressed their tots in FOOEY designs, and mommy to be TORI SPELLING has been spotted admiring FOOEY tees.  We love the infant argyle long sleeve tee and the “If Your Happy” tee, such a great mix of sweet and cheeky. Match your babe’s new tee with a great pair of jeans and your ready for your stylish play date.  COUTURE CANDY sells the best jeans to add a little style to babe’s wardrobe.  CoutureCandy

Lullabies For Your Little Rock Star

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cold play baby cdHow lucky is little APPLE MARTIN?  Not only is she the best dressed toddler of GWYNETH PALTROW, when she needs to be lulled to sleep by daddy, she gets CHRIS MARTIN to serenade her.  For free.  Well there is hope for the rest of us now that COLDPLAY  has recorded lullaby versions of their hit songs such as Yellow, Trouble and Clocks.  The album, ROCKABYE BABY, has gotten rave reviews and it’s a nice change of pace from the typical lullaby CD.  Makes a great shower gift for a new mommy that loves COLDPLAY.  Next best thing to having CHRIS knock on your door and ask if he can help settle your fussy baby for you.  If only…

Rockabye Baby! Lullaby Renditions of Coldplay

Delicious Baby HairCare Products

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Looking for a shampoo that’s safe and effective for your baby? Need to zap some cradle cap? Trying to keep babe’s hair from sticking up in the back? LITTLE SPROUT ( has some solutions for you. A fave among celeb moms like ANGELINA and COURTENEY COX, this hair and skin care company makes sulfate free all natural baby products that are effective and fabulous at the same time. Great for moms too, especially those who have sensitive skin. Not only are little SHILOH and COCO using these yummy products , BROOKE SHEILDS two little girls love it too (Can you believe she went to that wedding even after Tom called her names for taking anti depressives? His PR man deserves a raise for that move). They have products that will detangle your child’s hair and straighten and smooth their curls. The only thing missing is a personal hairstylist.