Go Ahead And Be a Show Off

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Two celebs who couldn’t be more different are fans of the same baby and mommy clothing line.  GWYNETH PALTROW, Oscar winning actress and TORI SPELLING, of 90210 fame both enjoy the creations of LITTLE SHOW OFFS (www.littleshowoffs.com). I can’t blame them, LITTLE SHOW OFFS makes the sweetest (not cute…there is enough cute baby clothes out there) tees and onesies for your baby and they also make some sassy tees for mommies too.  I love the “EAT SLEEP POOP CRY” onesie.  So funny and yet so true.  They have been featured in PEOPLE and INSTYLE mags and gifted to tons of stars at swag events.  Mommy GWYNNIE loves their organic line of tees for kiddies and her own red PREGNANCY ICON tank.  TORI was photographed this week sporting the ICON tank as well looking great after a day at the hair salon, have a look at a pic from PEOPLE here to see her and her CANADIAN husband DEAN:


Can you believe those two are doing a reality show called TORI and DEAN INN LOVE, where they buy a B&B with papa Aaron’s inheritance and try and run it?  So tacky, but yes I am ashamed to admit I will watch it! It starts in March on the Oxygen network.

SOURCE: pic from people.com

A Stylish Way To Start Life

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svanTREND ALERT: Stylish modern baby furniture is the way to go if you want to keep up with ANGELINA JOLIE and GWEN STEFANI.  Parents today, celebs or not, are searching for nursery furniture that adds to their decor, not detracts from it.  Big names in modern furnishings for kids are OOBA, OEUF, and STOKKE.  Modern mom ANGELINA is a huge fan of STOKKE as we all know, and she chose the Dutch company’s ultra modern and unique oval crib for little SHILOH.  Also making an appearance in celeb baby nurseries is the OOBA NEST CRIB.  This may set you back a few pennies, but well worth the price as is converts to a toddler day bed.  OOBA also makes a much talked about convertible bassinet. It goes from a bassinet to a play table and toy bin.  How great is that?  Modern moms are also loving the comeback of the wooden high chair.  SVAN is a Swedish design company that makes highchairs to fit your decor and style.  Made from bent birch wood, this chair is a fave of GWEN STEFANI.  Design conscience parents are finally able to furnish their homes with style and modern pieces.  However…there’s nothing wrong with a little Dr.Seuss and Peter Rabbit hanging out in baby’s new OOBA crib.

CANADIAN READERS: I just discovered a  wonderful store in Vancouver  that sells fabulous modern furniture for babies and kids and they offer free shipping in CANADA to orders over $250.  They sell NURSERY WORKS gliders ( a JEN GARNER fave) and THE NEST HIGH CHAIR that graces the kitchen of MRS. BRAD PITT. They also sell products by SVAN, loved by baby KINGSTON.  Visit them at www.modernkid.com for all your celeb mommy must haves.

Nest Crib
Stokke Sleepi Crib Finish: Natural
Svan High Chair in Mahogany with Tray

Sophisticated Coats For Your Little Star

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I just came across the most wonderful coats for little girls.  They are made by AMELIE MUSE and are a must have for any mom wanting to dress their little girl smart, classy and sophisticated, while still maintaining a youthful air.  Designed by a mom who is a former model, these coats are one of a kind.  We love the orange LITTLE LADY COAT  ..something you would expect to see on APPLE MARTIN.  BIRGITTE JENSEN, the mom behind these fabulous creations also makes dresses, skirts, pants and has started a boys line as well.  Visit her site at www.ameliemuse.com and you will wish she made these clothes to fit mommies as well.

Carol’s Daughter Loved By Celeb Parents

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Carol's DaughterOnce in a while a beauty product comes along that celebrities can’t get enough of. It has to be fabulous, come in sleek packaging and offers something unique. CAROL’S DAUGHTER BEAUTY BY NATURE does all that and more. Featured on OPRAH and THE VIEW and used by celebs parents such as BRAD PITT and JADA PINKETT SMITH, these beauty products are a cult fave. I’m a beauty product junky, so buying things that the whole family can use is a bonus, and a lot of their stuff is usable for men, women and kids. Our must haves are the HAIR MILK, and the BODY JELLY, great for moms and kiddies. They have tons of great products for babies and pregnant women , full of delicious ingredients like shea butter, jojoba oil, and sage. The Jolie-Pitts must be one yummy smelling family.

Oopsy Daisy Is A Work Of Art

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We have just discovered the most inspiring and beautiful art for your child’s room.  OOPSY DAISY-FINE ART FOR KIDS creates original paintings and murals full of color and imagination on stretched canvas, growth charts and lamps.  They’ll even personalize it for you with your child’s name if you like.  The canvas art is ideal for a child’s room as it is safe, durable and quite easy to clean.  Lots of celeb parents have OOPSY DAISY hanging in their fabulous Hollywood homes.  Star mommy JENNIE GARTH of 90210 fame (yes…I am STILL addicted to the reruns…two days without and I started to twitch), COURTENEY COX (love her new scandel show DIRT) and fashionista SARAH JESSICA PARKER (can not wait for the SEX AND THE CITY movie!) all have some OOPSY DAISY in their hectic celeb mommy lives.  I love the Exploring The World From A-Z, pictured above.  Amazon sells some pieces from OOPSY DAISY, but to really get a feel for their art and ideas, go to their web site, www.oopsydaisy.com.  Children’s art should inspire, and delight.  That’s just what OOPSY does.

Animal Alphabet – 40″ x 36″

La Patisserie – 12″ x 12″

 USA Map 22″ x 18″

Garden Girls – 42″ x 21″


Celebrity Moms Love L’Occitane

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          Over coffee with some mommy friends, the conversation turned to L’Occitane and how much we love their products.  So rich, yummy and delicious, you feel like a Queen when you slather their shea butter hand cream on (I like to put it on at night and wrap my hands up in cloth gloves from the drug store, your hands are soft like butter in the morning).  Also tops at CELEBRITY BABY CLOTHES is their VANILLA FONDANT LIP GLOSS, makes a tired mommy feel a little extra special.  Celeb mommies that love the French company’s goodies are NICOLE KIDMAN and MARY LOUISE PARKER (can you believe her boyfriend actor Billy Crudup left Mary when she was 7 months pregnant for actress Clair Danes?  Classy).  NICOLE loves their Verbena scented scrub and bath salts according to PEOPLE magazine.  I’m not so much a fan of the Verbena as I am of the CRUSHED GRAPE POLISH.  So decadent.  So French.  MARY LOUISE ( stars in that hilarious show WEEDS on Showcase) is a fan of their SHEA BUTTER HAND CREAM.  According to INSTYLE magazine, MARY LOUISE slathers on the cream when she gets on a plane. L’Occitane is fast becoming a fave in Hollywood and many of their products have been featured in mags such as Allure and Elle.  Wait until the baby is asleep, pour a cup of coffee, put your tired feet up and drench yourself in some French countyside shea butter.

L’Occitane – Shea Butter – Hand Cream

L’Occitane – Grape – Crushed-Grape Polish

L’Occitane – Ruban d’Orange Eau de Toilette (loved by many celebs!)

Stawberry Net sells tons of L’occitane products

For all our Canadian readers, go directly to L’Occitane’s site : www.loccitane.ca

Yummy Tummy

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tummy honeyStretch marks come with the territory of pregnancy for most women.  Everyone has a favorite cream or remedy to prevent them, even celebrities.  The cream chosen by celeb mommies GWYNETH PALTROW and JENNIE GARTH ( I can not stop watching reruns of 90210, it’s become an embarrassing addiction while the baby naps) is the fab TUMMY HONEY by Mother’s Intuition.  Love, love, love it!  TUMMY HONEY is hypoallergenic and has all natural ingredients such as shea butter and avocado oil.  Smells yummy too.  I may not be able to have GWYNETH’S movie star roles or her big fat bank account, but I can have her tummy.  Not the same size tummy, but at least just as soft and free of stretch marks.  Thanks TUMMY HONEY!

Tummy Honey Stretch Mark Prevention Stick

Tummy Honey Prevention and Fading 3-Pack Gift Set

Tummy Honey Stretch Mark Prevention Butter

Stylish Booster Seat

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handysittEuropeans make such sleek and stylish baby furniture.  No plastic, no Micky Mouse, just smart, classy lines and high quality work.  That must be why almost every Hollywood mom furnishes her home using European creations.  Designed and made in Denmark, the HANDYSITT PORTABLE HIGH CHAIR oozes style and still remains  fully functional.  Made of beechwood, it blends in nicly with a dining room set and folds up quickly to take with you when you meet the girls for espresso and gossip.  Using au natural wooden baby furnishings is the latest in a trend we hope sticks and becomes a way of life.

Turn your home into eurochic….
[phpzon] HANDYSITT , 3[/phpzon]
[phpzon] Svan Highchair , 3[/phpzon]

Fitness In A Box

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sane fitnessHow do those celeb mommies do it?  They have their babies on a Wednesday and are out modeling bikinis (Hello Heidi!) before the first diaper change.  They all swear they drop the weight from “chasing their toddlers around”, but it must be great having a personal trainer and chef to help the new momma get into her Gucci size zero jeans.  We can’t help you with the chef, but we can suggest a great new workout routine that will have even the busiest new mommy back in shape in no time.  It’s like a trainer in a box.  THE SANE FITNESS QUICK START DECK ( featured in Beauty News LA) is a super simple workout program written out on cards with great pics and instructions.  It’s portable, practical and got a good review in the New York Times.  So although you may not need to get into fighting shape cause you have a major love scene with Brad Pitt in your next film…you do want to feel your best and have some time for yourself to clear your mind, work your muscles and get ready to chase your little one around.

Sane Fitness QuickStart

Little Giraffe Is THE Celeb Baby Blanket Du Jour

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Want to add a little glamor to your baby’s crib?  LITTLE GIRAFFE is fast becoming the celebrity blanket to own if you consider yourself A List.  Swaddled up in LG’s lux chenille blankets are baby SHILOH, ANGIE and BRAD’S love child, and VIOLET AFFLECK, BEN and JEN’S little bean.  There have been countless photographs of ZAHARA, SHILOH’S older sister, bundled up in their soft blankets as well.  And lets not forget Miss SURI CRUISE, mom KATIE reportedly bought several LITTLE GIRAFFE blankets…it’s important to match all your blankies to your soothers, it’s like shoes and purses for the under two set.  Also known to buy LITTLE GIRAFFE, is party hard momma BRITNEY SPEARS.  Don’t hold that against them,  we’re sure the nanny picked out the gorgeous blanket.  Keep in mind that LITTLE GIRAFFE has tons of other yummy gear for you and your baby.  They make fab robes and lounge wear for mommies that come in soothing colors like garnet, slate and sage.  Go check them out…just don’t say BRITNEY sent ya. www.littlegiraffe.com SOURCE : US WEEKLY, LIFE & STYLE