Celebrity Moms Love L’Occitane

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          Over coffee with some mommy friends, the conversation turned to L’Occitane and how much we love their products.  So rich, yummy and delicious, you feel like a Queen when you slather their shea butter hand cream on (I like to put it on at night and wrap my hands up in cloth gloves from the drug store, your hands are soft like butter in the morning).  Also tops at CELEBRITY BABY CLOTHES is their VANILLA FONDANT LIP GLOSS, makes a tired mommy feel a little extra special.  Celeb mommies that love the French company’s goodies are NICOLE KIDMAN and MARY LOUISE PARKER (can you believe her boyfriend actor Billy Crudup left Mary when she was 7 months pregnant for actress Clair Danes?  Classy).  NICOLE loves their Verbena scented scrub and bath salts according to PEOPLE magazine.  I’m not so much a fan of the Verbena as I am of the CRUSHED GRAPE POLISH.  So decadent.  So French.  MARY LOUISE ( stars in that hilarious show WEEDS on Showcase) is a fan of their SHEA BUTTER HAND CREAM.  According to INSTYLE magazine, MARY LOUISE slathers on the cream when she gets on a plane. L’Occitane is fast becoming a fave in Hollywood and many of their products have been featured in mags such as Allure and Elle.  Wait until the baby is asleep, pour a cup of coffee, put your tired feet up and drench yourself in some French countyside shea butter.

L’Occitane – Shea Butter – Hand Cream

L’Occitane – Grape – Crushed-Grape Polish

L’Occitane – Ruban d’Orange Eau de Toilette (loved by many celebs!)

Stawberry Net sells tons of L’occitane products

For all our Canadian readers, go directly to L’Occitane’s site : www.loccitane.ca