Fitness In A Box

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sane fitnessHow do those celeb mommies do it?  They have their babies on a Wednesday and are out modeling bikinis (Hello Heidi!) before the first diaper change.  They all swear they drop the weight from “chasing their toddlers around”, but it must be great having a personal trainer and chef to help the new momma get into her Gucci size zero jeans.  We can’t help you with the chef, but we can suggest a great new workout routine that will have even the busiest new mommy back in shape in no time.  It’s like a trainer in a box.  THE SANE FITNESS QUICK START DECK ( featured in Beauty News LA) is a super simple workout program written out on cards with great pics and instructions.  It’s portable, practical and got a good review in the New York Times.  So although you may not need to get into fighting shape cause you have a major love scene with Brad Pitt in your next film…you do want to feel your best and have some time for yourself to clear your mind, work your muscles and get ready to chase your little one around.

Sane Fitness QuickStart