Go Ahead And Be a Show Off

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Two celebs who couldn’t be more different are fans of the same baby and mommy clothing line.  GWYNETH PALTROW, Oscar winning actress and TORI SPELLING, of 90210 fame both enjoy the creations of LITTLE SHOW OFFS (www.littleshowoffs.com). I can’t blame them, LITTLE SHOW OFFS makes the sweetest (not cute…there is enough cute baby clothes out there) tees and onesies for your baby and they also make some sassy tees for mommies too.  I love the “EAT SLEEP POOP CRY” onesie.  So funny and yet so true.  They have been featured in PEOPLE and INSTYLE mags and gifted to tons of stars at swag events.  Mommy GWYNNIE loves their organic line of tees for kiddies and her own red PREGNANCY ICON tank.  TORI was photographed this week sporting the ICON tank as well looking great after a day at the hair salon, have a look at a pic from PEOPLE here to see her and her CANADIAN husband DEAN:


Can you believe those two are doing a reality show called TORI and DEAN INN LOVE, where they buy a B&B with papa Aaron’s inheritance and try and run it?  So tacky, but yes I am ashamed to admit I will watch it! It starts in March on the Oxygen network.

SOURCE: pic from people.com