Grandma Was Right

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rosebud lip salveSomething that’s been used by moms for over a hundred years must work.  SMITH’S ROSEBUD SALVE  (since 1892) is the best healing balm ever.  It cures chapped lips, dry cracked hands, blemishes and baby bum rash practically overnight.  All that and it comes in the most fabulous tin package, that any excuse to take it out of your purse is welcome.  A noted fave of celeb mommy GWYNETH PALTROW (yes, I am slightly obsessed in a non stalker way with her), this balm is always in one of her designer bags.  I was a little skeptical to see if this stuff really works on nappy rash, so I tried out the last bits of a tin on my little guinea pig , and yes I can report that the sore bottom was all fixed up the next day (Good reason to buy two tins as you wouldn’t want to mix the bum and the lip one up!).  Beauty Tip: Layer ROSEBUD SALVE over your favorite lipstick, or a little on your cheeks for an extra healthy glow.
Smith’s Rosebud Salve – Original