Laundress Is Luxury

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laundress baby soapBabies bring loads of many things to your life, one of them being laundry.  Who new someone under eight pounds could create such chaos in the laundry room?  It’s difficult to find the right soap delicate enough for baby’s skin, but tough enough to get  pureed green beans out of your favorite bib.  THE LAUNDRESS NEW YORK makes a yummy baby detergent that gets the job done and makes you feel luxurious.  This soap smells so good, with it’s vanilla, bergamot and lavender scent, that I like to use it on my own clothes.  When your load of laundry sometimes has baby True Religion Jeans and Appaman tees swishing around, you want something a little extra special to wash them clean.  Sometimes Tide just won’t due.
Baby Detergent (Baby) 33.3 oz. by The Laundress

Pair the Baby Detergent with the Apres Laundry Cream and you’ll have super soft hands after all the washing is done.
Apres Laundry Cream 5 oz. by The Laundress