Mommy Gwyneth’s Choice

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weledaWe just love finding out all the little beauty secrets and mommy tips of celeb mommy GWYNETH PALTROW.  Everything from what she did to loose the baby weight ( Dr. Joshi's Hollistic Detox helped, and plenty of gym time) to what she dresses her little beans in when it gets cold ( check out the fabulous La Folie Knits to get Apple's winter style, (  Now we know what the movie star actress uses to keep her babes skin soft and smooth.  WELEDA CALENDULA BABY OIL according to Tatler magazine is what Mrs.Martin uses after bath time to sooth her wee ones.  Made with sweet almond oil and certified organic, this delicious and earth friendly bath treat can be used by mommy too after a long hard day.  What could be better?   

Weleda Baby Starter Kit

They make lots of wonderful, organic products for baby, including diaper cream. 

Weleda Diaper-Care

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