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your such a baby

SURI CRUISE and BARRON TRUMP have something besides being impossibly rich and peeing their pants in common.  They both own clothes from the uber hip and happening YOU’RE SUCH A BABY (  Vintage inspired onesies and tees for your little ones, that really are different and unique.  You can choose from vintage cowboys to eye popping flower designs, or bring out your baby’s inner ‘ohh la la’ and go for the French poodle & Eiffel tower onesie.  No need for mom to feel left out.  You can put away your mommy uniform (hang up that Gap black tee) shake out your ponytail and slip into a yummy scoop neck with vintage flowers.  Go see for yourself.  Hip.  Modern.  Unforgettable.

Cowboy Hat 3 Pc Baby Gift Set


Delicious Onesies

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Babies can be the toughest food critics out there.  If the temperature of the food isn’t right, and the lighting is slightly off and the color just doesn’t do it for them, they will scream bloody murder.  If mommy’s service is slow you can forget a tip.  Some like breast milk and some insist being served their beverage of choice in a pink sippy cup. Picky is an understatement.  Now your little food snob can dress to match their moods.  ELLIE’S PARTY is the brain child of a food and wine writer, who created a line of gourmet themed onesies, tees, and bibs while pregnant.  Featured in THE NEW YORK TIMES, and worn by the little tots in WOLFGANG PUCK’S house, these onesies have slogans that are clever and full of humor.  We love the “I’ll Have The Domestic White”, and the “Sippy Cup Sommelier” onesies.  You can have a look at all of ELLIE’S PARTY designs at ELLIE’S PARTY also helps out organizations such as LA LECHE LEAGUE, so you can feel good about your purchase.

Oscar Swag For Celeb Babies

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Who cares who won an OSCAR, we want to know about the yummy products in the swag bags. Swag describes the gifts that companies give celebs in hopes to see them wearing it or using it , and in return they get free publicity that could make a business very rich.  This year there was a Pre Oscar Baby Gift Bag that contained what insiders think will be huge with celeb mommies such as KATE WINSLET (looked so elegant at the Oscars in her pale green one shoulder Valentino) and GWYNETH PALTROW (Not loving her apricot Zac Posen frock , she could do better).  One of the companies featured in this sought after bag of goodies is TUNI & G (  A hip clothing company run by two hard working moms.  They make quality maternity and baby wear with sassy slogans.  Desperate Housewife FELICITY HUFFMAN is already a fan.  Also being given to nominated Hollywood moms and dads is a delicious diaper bag by AMY MICHELLE (  Known for their stylish designs and washable change pads, these bags are sought after by fashion forward moms.   Another lucky product to be featured in the Oscar goody bag are the ingenious pacifiers sold by BABY DAGNY ( These pacifiers have soft stuffed toys sewn onto them.  Easier for baby to put the pacifier back in their mouth and mommy gets some more sleep.  Will we see them in the mouths of Dr.McDREAMY’S new twin boys?  Not even out of swaddlers and being gifted with the best of the best…ahh the life of a celebrity baby.  SOURCE : Globe and Mail Feb/24, Rebecca Eckler, Mommy Blogger.
[phpzon] AMY MICHELLE diaper, 3[/phpzon]

Go Ahead And Spill That Apple Juice

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Even little girls need that certain dress that works with everything and looks great no matter what.  RIGHT BANK BABIES ( makes that dress.  Not only do these yummy dresses come in funky retro patterns, but they are reversible.  So if your on the way out the door and your little bundle spills her apple juice all over her dress, all you have to do is flip it over.  No more stress and drama.  HEIDI KLUM agrees, and with three little ones at home, even she doesn’t have time to fuss with last minute clothing disasters.  TIM GUNN isn’t always there to “make it work”.  Her little LENI rocked her fabulous reversible dress while out with mommy.  You know you have a fashion must have when HEIDI KLUM loves it.  Great on it’s own in the warm weather, and just pair it with a solid long tee and leggings in the winter.  Looks sweet with ballet flats too.  Stylish and classy, that’s what we like.

Hair Clips Fit For Celeb Babes

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I’m always on the hunt for a funky hair clip for the toddler in my life.  Not that she has enough hair yet, but perhaps when she does, she be able to wear it with style.  Hopefully GIDDY GIDDY will tame her wild mane.  GIDDY GIDDY makes beautiful, handmade, felt hair clips that have adorned the noggins of some of Hollywood’s finest tots.  APPLE MARTIN, COCO COX and ZAHARA JOLIE-PITT are reported to have worn these fabulous clips.  Sold at hip celeb boutique KITSON and featured in The London Times, these hair clips have hit the big time.  You can choose from flowers, animals or yummy food.  Our fave is the pink cupcake. So delicious.  Go get GIDDY at

Organic Tees For Baby

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organic kid

Organic is the way to be these days. Celebs with a conscience (yes, there are a few) try to buy organic baby products and promote it when they can, and with the Hollywood baby boom going on, organic baby products are hot right now. Organic clothes are slowly becoming more affordable too. We came across a funky little clothing company that makes the sweetest (not cute!) tees and hats. No Mickey Mouse here! FARMER KIDS , based in New York, makes super soft organic clothes, with embroidered graphics. They will even do a special order for you and put your child’s initial or name on a tee for you. Celeb moms like Gwyneth Paltrow are known to dress there kiddies in designer organic clothes…now you can too. Have a peek at their earth friendly tees,

Organic Infant T-shirt “Chicken with Eggs”

Organic Toddler T-shirt “Abc’s”

Organic Infant / Newborn Hat “Organic Kid”

Organic Baby / Infant “Organic Kid” T-shirt

Say Thank You With Style

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Writing Thank You notes is so much easier when you have fabulous stationary to use.  BONNIE’S STYLE PRESS makes gorgeous cards for just about any occasion.  Chic and stylish, these cards caught the eye of celeb mommy BRITNEY SPEARS before she became the out all night dancing, head shaving divorcee we love today.  Clearly Miss Spears used to have some great taste and chose BONNIE’S cards for her baby shower.  These whimsical high end note cards have been featured in OPRAH, PEOPLE and GLAMOUR magazine.  Next time you have someone to thank, something to announce or need some party invitations check out Bonnie at

Soak Your Mommy Troubles Away

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We all have difficult days.  Mommies do…daddies do…babies do…even glamorous overpaid celebrities do.  What do celeb moms NICOLE KIDMAN, MADONNA and KATE HUDSON do when they break a Manolo heel, or spill apple sauce on their Chloe trousers?  They run a hot bath and pour in some bath salts from the celebrity fave ERBAVIVA (  Their legendary bath salts fill the room with lavender and rose scents an help you forget your hectic day.  Try mixing them with their bath oil (or any bath oil handy) and you’ll have yourself a yummy body scrub.  ERBAVIVA was started by a husband and wife who wanted to make chemical free body products for moms and babies.  Now they have grown into a cult following for celebs and their tots.  They have tons of yummy products and carry many organic bath essentials as well.  We all may not be movie stars, but we can pretend and live like them once in a while. Source : People

Relax Bath Salts Soak like a Hollywood momma

Mommy Travel Kit 4 items by Erbaviva Makes a great baby shower gift

Organic Lip and Cheek Balm .6 oz. by Erbaviva Keeps baby’s face chap free

Celebrity Moms Adore Chiara Kruza Maternity Wear

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When TORI SPELLING, JENNIFER GARNER and BRITENEY SPEARS ( occasionally the girl gets her fashion right) choose to wear your maternity designs, then you know you’ve made it.  Lucky for CHIARA KRUZA, cause all the Hollywood mommies love her stylish comfy creations. Featured in PEOPLE, INSTYLE and FIT PREGNANCY, these clothes are gorgeous and affordable. Our favorites are the RODIN TOP worn above by JEN GARNER (so comfy) and the Dallas Maternity Top, worn by KATIE HOLMES’S new best buddy BROOKE SHIELDSSURI’S mommy was herself gifted with a few of CHIARA’S lovely tops while pregnant.  With such a famous fan base we predict that CHIARA KRUZA  ( will be outfitting yummy Hollywood mommas for a long time.

Chiarakruza Dallas Maternity Top

Chiarakruza Klee Maternity Pant LOOKS GREAT WITH THE DALLAS TOP

Bonding Time For Mom and Child

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I am a L’OCCITANE addict.  They have yet to make something I don’t love.  Shea Butter Hand Cream…love it.  Lavender Foot Cream…need it.  Their latest concoction that makes me happy is the NECTAR DE MASSAGE.  It is the most delicious honey smelling massage cream ever. If you have ever used their HONEY HARVEST EXTRA FOAMING BATH then you know what I am talking about.  It’s for the kiddies as well, anyone three years or older can benefit from this yummy honey cream.  So lovely after a bubble bath. L’ Occitane, a long time favorite of Hollywood mammas, stylists and industry insiders is socially conscience, which makes me as a mom more inclined to purchase their goods.  L’Occitane uses braille on many of their packages to aid the blind, and also run a school to introduce blind children to the world of perfume and scents.  Very wonderful and fabulous.

L’Occitane Honey Harvest Massage Nectar 8.4oz

COSMETIC MALL has all your L’OCCITANE needs