Elegant Baby: Playtime With Style

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on the goelegant babyIt’s not the first time we’ve talked about ELEGANT BABY, a company that combines style and function for your baby.  Loved by many celebs and their tots such as GWEN STEFANI’S babe KINGSTON and SEAN PRESTON, hard partying momma BRITNEY SPEARS little boy. ELEGANT BABY makes wonderful blankets, dishes, clothes, piggy banks and their famous ANIMAL SQUIRTIES.  Great for that shower gift you’ve been trying to find.  SURI CRUISE is the proud owner of their BENT HANDEL SILVER SPOON….like the little TOMKAT needed a sterling silver spoon to eat her rice cereal.  A much better gift would have been their ON THE GO FEEDING SET ( a vinyl pack of colorful sippy cups,bowls and utensils) to take to all those soccer games KATIE and TOM attend.  ELEGANT BABY is great when you need  a gift that’s traditional but stylish.

Elegant Baby Pink Feeding Set

Elegant Baby Blue Feeding Set Baby On The Go Includes 4 Sippy Cups With 8 Lids, 2 Bowls With Lids, 2 Fork & Spoon Sets, 2 Small Snack Cups With Lids In A Printed Tumble Bag.

Elegant Baby “Animal” Bath Squirties 8 Assorted Packed In A Vinyl Zip Bag

Canadian Readers:  You can get your ELEGANT BABY fix at Chapters & Indigo