Go Ahead And Spill That Apple Juice

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Even little girls need that certain dress that works with everything and looks great no matter what.  RIGHT BANK BABIES (www.rightbankbabies.com) makes that dress.  Not only do these yummy dresses come in funky retro patterns, but they are reversible.  So if your on the way out the door and your little bundle spills her apple juice all over her dress, all you have to do is flip it over.  No more stress and drama.  HEIDI KLUM agrees, and with three little ones at home, even she doesn’t have time to fuss with last minute clothing disasters.  TIM GUNN isn’t always there to “make it work”.  Her little LENI rocked her fabulous reversible dress while out with mommy.  You know you have a fashion must have when HEIDI KLUM loves it.  Great on it’s own in the warm weather, and just pair it with a solid long tee and leggings in the winter.  Looks sweet with ballet flats too.  Stylish and classy, that’s what we like.