Hair Clips Fit For Celeb Babes

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I’m always on the hunt for a funky hair clip for the toddler in my life.  Not that she has enough hair yet, but perhaps when she does, she be able to wear it with style.  Hopefully GIDDY GIDDY will tame her wild mane.  GIDDY GIDDY makes beautiful, handmade, felt hair clips that have adorned the noggins of some of Hollywood’s finest tots.  APPLE MARTIN, COCO COX and ZAHARA JOLIE-PITT are reported to have worn these fabulous clips.  Sold at hip celeb boutique KITSON and featured in The London Times, these hair clips have hit the big time.  You can choose from flowers, animals or yummy food.  Our fave is the pink cupcake. So delicious.  Go get GIDDY at