Oscar Swag For Celeb Babies

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Who cares who won an OSCAR, we want to know about the yummy products in the swag bags. Swag describes the gifts that companies give celebs in hopes to see them wearing it or using it , and in return they get free publicity that could make a business very rich.  This year there was a Pre Oscar Baby Gift Bag that contained what insiders think will be huge with celeb mommies such as KATE WINSLET (looked so elegant at the Oscars in her pale green one shoulder Valentino) and GWYNETH PALTROW (Not loving her apricot Zac Posen frock , she could do better).  One of the companies featured in this sought after bag of goodies is TUNI & G (www.tuniandg.com).  A hip clothing company run by two hard working moms.  They make quality maternity and baby wear with sassy slogans.  Desperate Housewife FELICITY HUFFMAN is already a fan.  Also being given to nominated Hollywood moms and dads is a delicious diaper bag by AMY MICHELLE (www.amymichellebags.com).  Known for their stylish designs and washable change pads, these bags are sought after by fashion forward moms.   Another lucky product to be featured in the Oscar goody bag are the ingenious pacifiers sold by BABY DAGNY (www.babydagny.com). These pacifiers have soft stuffed toys sewn onto them.  Easier for baby to put the pacifier back in their mouth and mommy gets some more sleep.  Will we see them in the mouths of Dr.McDREAMY’S new twin boys?  Not even out of swaddlers and being gifted with the best of the best…ahh the life of a celebrity baby.  SOURCE : Globe and Mail Feb/24, Rebecca Eckler, Mommy Blogger.
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