Shake Your Booty

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First it was Baby Uggs, then it was Robeez, now it’s LITTLE EDA ( that’s warming the little tootsies of Tinseltown’s elite babies.  Individually hand stitched shearling  booties made of 100% sheep skin, these shoes are sure to keep your bubs feet warm.  Who’s wearing them?  MATILDA LEDGER, daughter of MICHELLE WILLIAMS and Aussie actor HEATH LEDGER (Rumor has it that they secretly got married…Mr.Ledger has been sporting a gold band lately).  KINGSTON, son of GWEN STEFANI and GAVIN ROSSDALE, rocks his booties while strolling around his London digs. Sold at lux stores like FAO SHWARZ and FRED SEGAL, and featured in People, US and OPRAH, LITTLE EDA is sure to catch the eye of more celeb babies.  I just wish they made them for moms too.  SOURCE: pic PEOPLE magazine