Baby Surfer Chic

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lyla blu

It’s that time of year again, where we get a glimmer of sunshine and the temperature starts to creep above freezing.  That means time for swimsuits, sand and celebrity beach sightings.  What will the best dressed celeb babies be wearing while momma works on her tan? Funky bikinis by the delicious LYLA BLU.  Celebrity moms  KELLY RIPA and FELICITY HUFFMAN outfitted their pampered tots and themselves in the Hippy Love line, as did that other Desperate Housewife TERRY HATCHER and her daughter Emmerson (Does anyone still watch that show?). If you have the body of a movie star, or you’re five years old, they look great on you.  If you are neither of those, then wear it anyway and be proud like the rest of us.  They are super comfy and are on now for 1/2 price at  Great find for that Mexican get away you have (should) planned.  KATE MACK is another celeb beach fave.  Stylish, and very girly, this line is super luxurious and still tough enough for the waves from Bondi to Santa Monica.  Biscottie has all the KATE MACK you need at  Personally, I love to cover my wee one up at the beach.  The sun and sand can really be harsh on a new bubs skin.  Try a fashionable, yet practical (READ: GUILT FREE MOM) rashi.  The Aussies have been suiting their kids and themselves up in them for years to stay safe in the sun.  It’s time we caught on.  The super classy, and stylish celeb mommy NICOLE KIDMAN even wears them while swimming in Sydney’s warm waters.  This is all you need to know to keep your little ball of trouble outfitted like the yummy celeb baby she is.

Seaside UPF 50+, UV Protective 2 Piece Short Set

KATE MACK 2pc LEOPARD Swimsuit Swim Suit Girls 4-6X $60

All-In-One Short Sleeve Milkshake Pink/Sky Blue 6-12 Months