Stroll Like Angelina

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Those super yummy JOLIE PITTS were out strolling around their neighborhood in New Orleans again, just like us normal folk.  Looking ever so stylish and hip, momma ANGELINA pushes her two little girls, ZAHARA and SHILOH around town in the MACLAREN TWIN TECHNO STROLLER.  Great stroller and very convenient if you have two wee ones.  What will the ever expanding family do if the rumors of an impending adoption are true?  They’ll have to invest in a three seater.  ANGELINA is said to have filed for adoption in VIETNAM.  ANGELINA has said in past interviews that she wants her and BRAD to have all their kids while they are still young. All that, and BRAD PITT….she is one lucky momma. SOURCE : photo from PEOPLE

Angelina and family
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