Ciao Bella

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What’s a jet setting celeb baby to wear to keep up with her hip momma?  How about a super chic and super soft European cotton onesie, with international sayings printed on it?  IL COCCO DI MAMMA makes high quality, one of a kind tees and onesies that will break any language barrier you may experience on your next holiday abroad or while hanging out at your local cafe.  What better way to start up a conversation while traveling, then to have your tot wearing a fabulous onesie with CIAO written on it ? Our favorite is the pink BELLA and the organic cotton BONJOUR onesie.  So classy and very sophisticated.  How stylish would you and baby look while sipping lattes (and apple juice) at the local bistro?  Very, if he was wearing his C’EST LA VIE tee. Celeb babies already in the know about IL COCCO’S original designs are the MCDREAMY twins, Darby Galen and Sullivan Patrick.  IL COCCO DI MAMMA, featured in the Spring 2007 Baby Couture  magazine, also carry those uber cool wooden blocks embossed with foreign alphabets.  How wonderful would that be to give as a shower gift?  Wooden toys are the way to go these days.  Show baby the world in your new tee from IL COCCO DI MAMMA :