Cuddle Addiction

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Every baby has their favorite blankie.  So does every mommy.  AMBAJAM makes the most addictive and yummy childrens blankets we have ever owned.  Finally, a blankie that baby and I can both agree on (as we are entering the toddler years, I fear this is the last thing we will ever agree on).  AMBAJAM’S super soft CUDDLE UP BABY BLANKET comes in a choice of several bright and bold colors and has a very playful turtle family embroidered along the edge.  Made of easy to wash fleece, this blankie comes with us to the park, cafe and the all important nap time (or as I like to call it – mommy time).  We’ve just found out that they make a jumbo version of the blanket, so now baby and I can cuddle in warmth and style together.  That would make the perfect Mother’s Day gift…hint, hint.  AMBAJAM also makes fabulously hip tees and contemporary onesies with gorgeous stitched on appliqués.  The patterns and shapes on the clothes are so full of life and whimsy.  We love the Moody Blue Elephant , and think all their tees and onesies make unforgettable shower gifts.  Featured in April’s Baby Talk and March’s Pregnancy & Newborn, it won’t be long before the yummy mummies of Hollywood catch on to AMBAJAM like all of you.  Show the world you can cuddle and play in style at