Fab Baby Clothes

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We love our shirts from RUSTY BUMPER.  They are just the opposite of what you’ll find at your local mall or department store and they’re in the hands of our favorite celeb mom ANGELINA JOLIE (sorry GWYNETH…you were our favorite.  We know you’ll get over it).  These shirts are made to withstand all things baby : crawling, carrot stains and all the dirty diapers you can handle.  Super hip and stylish,  RUSTY BUMPER’S tees and onesies are made of soft cotton in shades of chocolate brown and jet black, so there is no need to worry about getting too messy at baby’s next sandbox playdate.  The design, with it’s ducky and swirls is so creative and original and the cotton washes fabulously.  Love the fact that they can be worn by little girls or boys, so they make a perfect gift for the mommy to be.  If you want what ANGIE’S got (not BRAD…the clothes) then check out RUSTY BUMPER at www.rustybumperworld.com.