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Each week at Celebrity Baby Clothes we’re going to tell you about our FIND OF THE WEEK.  Sometimes it will be for mommy, sometimes for baby…depends on the week.  Our pick will always be fun, fabulous and a must have.  This week we are loving our WATERSALL ATOMIZER.  What’s an atomizer you ask?  Well, it’s a fancy word to describe water in a can.  WATERSALL has perfected the art of delivering a purified mist of H20 to your parched and dehydrated skin.  Atomizers used to be something only supermodels used on their first class flight from New York to Paris…not anymore.  Sorry Naomi, but now they’re in all the posh diaper bags of smart mommies.  Until I had a baby, I never would have thought of using it for my little peanut.  When she’s too hot, the super fine mist cools her off (and amuses her).  When she’s messy and sticky the moisture helps clean her up.  WATERSALL comes in two choices of packaging. One is upscale and spa worthy, while the other called SPLASH COOL is perfect for the pool or day at the beach with it’s funky design.  Don’t worry mom about chemicals, preservatives and alcohol because WATERSALL doesn’t use any of that stuff.  Pure, simple and refreshing.  What else do you need?  Go cool off at

Splash Cool 14oz