Find Of The Week:Baby Planet Strollers

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Finding the perfect double stroller is a tough job. We have searched high and low and have found one that makes us dance. BABY PLANET is a fabulous company that not only makes slick looking rides, but it gives back by recycling your stroller once you and your brood are done with it. If the stroller can handle some more mileage, BABY PLANET will buff it up and fine tune it and donate it. If on the other hand, you rode your stroller into the ground, they will recycle all the parts and keep Mother Earth happy. That fact could have hooked me alone, but BABY PLANET’S UNITY DOUBLE STROLLER is also an urban mommies best friend. Fresh colors, modern look and the easiest steering handle we have ever had the pleasure of using. Don’t worry, there’s tons of room in the basket underneath for all your gear from Kitson and Lisa Kline. This stroller was designed by people who know what moms need and want. We’ve got to have style, comfort and a big basket to carry all our treats. Show the Planet some love and visit

Baby Planet Unity Sport Double Stroller Terra CottaDedicated to protecting the environment your kids will someday inherit, Baby Planet will recycle your old stroller to help stop the overcrowding of landfills. They combine cutting-edge technology with an innovative spirit to create safe, stylish, and durable products, and the Unity Sport is no exception. Beyond the lightweight frame, it’s specifically designed with a parent’s pushing experience in mind.

Baby Planet Max Pro Travel System RedThe Baby Planet Max Pro Travel System is a stylish, simple, and affordable stroller that accepts most infant car seats on the market today, then converts to seated stroller with a 5-point harness. Ergonomic and minimalist, the Max Pro travel system stroller is a reflection of Baby Planet’s strong environmental commitment .