Is Baby Having A Bad Hair day?

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Remember when we were kids and your mom pinned your unruly hair back with those horrendous plastic barrettes that always dug into your head?  Perhaps I’m sensitive, but the thought still traumatizes me.  Now that the baby has enough hair for styling, I want modern & funky clips for her hair…and clips that don’t hurt when you take them out.  We love our new hair clips from RIBBIES HAIR CLIPPIES.  So fabulous, and they really do stay put….no slipping at all.  Using hair clips to keep your toddler’s mane neat and tidy is a great alternative to the everyday ponytail.  Hollywood babies that are fond of fixing their bad hair days with a clip stylishly placed are VIOLET and COCORIBBIES CLIPPIES use lightweight clips adorned with gorgeous ribbon and they come in tons of brilliant patterns and colors, so outfit coordination isn’t a problem.  The clips are lined with foam that is color matched to the ribbon, so they will not slip out…not even your baby’s super fine hair.  So toss out the plastic barrettes, and say hello to good hair days at

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