It’s A Party In A Box

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posh party box

Forget small…good things come in great big packages tied up with gorgeous pink bows.  That’s just what you’ll get if you order a POSH PARTY BOX for your next soirée.   Having a child’s first birthday party?  No problem.  This mother and daughter run company will send you a beautiful box with hats, balloons, confetti, plates and cutlery, invites and more.  We couldn’t get over their attention to detail when our POSH PARTY BOX arrived.  Included in our baby shower box were cupcake place card holders, little yellow rubber duckies and a table runner.  For my little one’s first birthday I was too busy crying over the cupcakes that got iced wrong (what’s a party without a little drama?) and keeping balloons out of her mouth that I didn’t have time to think of all the details.  POSH PARTY BOX will remember all the little things you’ll need for a fab fete.  The wine and cheese box makes a great gift for that night when the kids really do go to sleep and you and your partner can have a party of your own.  Classy, smart and definitely posh, these boxes are more than celeb worthy.  Celebrate with style at