Sexy Nursing Bras

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Can nursing bras be sexy?  Asolutley, if you buy the right one.  CONDESSA is a classy line of sexy underwear and nursing bras that will make you feel like the yummy mummy you are.  What new mom doesn’t need a little something special to make them feel fabulous again?  You are so tired you walk into walls….your body has just started to produce what most people can only find in the dairy section of the supermarket, and your swear your bottom has tripled in size.  What’s a hot momma to do?  A glamorous undies and bra set from CONDESSA will brighten the most unfabulous day.  These bras are as comfortable as they are stylish, with covered snaps on the front to make feeding time a cinch. Featured in Pregnancy magazine and gifted to ANGELINA for the birth of her baby SHILOH, the most difficult thing is choosing one of the rich colors they offer.  Our favorite is their rose colored bra, although the black is equally as stunning.  CONDESSA’S creations will make you want to turn the ringer off and tuck the kids in early.  Bring out your inner ANGELINA and slip on some gorgeous underwear from CONDESSA.  Better yet, get a few sets as you’ll need them in nine months again anyway.  Go see what all the buzz is about at