Tame That Bottle

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The “I drop it, you pick it up mommy game” gets old real fast.  How many times have you picked up your baby’s bottle after it’s been dropped and said “five second rule?” (never).  We’ve found a solution for you.  The Bottle Tamer by Lil Bah Bee is an adjustable strap that attaches your baby’s bottle or spill proof sippy cup to a stroller, high chair or shopping cart.  So simple, brilliant and practical that we wish we had thought of it.  The Bottle Tamer is one of those things that just makes shopping and strolling around a little easier and less stressful.  Celeb mommies that have been gifted with this fab mommy find are GWEN STEFANI, KATIE HOLMES, GWYNETH PALTROW and ANGELINA JOLIE (hope they sent Angie more than one…that momma is busy).  We found that after attaching the Tamer, our little peanut amused herself for an hour trying to throw her bottle on the floor.  Your baby learns the law of gravity while you and Daddy have a latte and read the Sunday paper.  Everyone is happy. Go see what all the celeb mommies can’t live without at www.lilbahbee.com