Tees That Make Us Smile

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Little Uni Little Uni Little Uni Little Uni Little Uni Little Uni

Are you looking for something sophisticated and original for your baby?  Look no further than uber cool LITTLE UNI.  They make sweet and simple tees and onesies with funky appliqués in the shapes of scooters, lattes, milk trucks and ice cream cones.  No teddy bears or frilly bows here.  You can even get the tee personalized with your tots name.  We love how innocent yet grown up they are.  It’s fun dressing your baby in clothes that tell a little bit about the both of you.  If you love driving your Vespa with the wind in your hair (and while dad is home bathing and feeding the kiddies) then the Scooter tee is perfect.  If you can’t make it through the day without your double skinny latte then you guessed it, the latte tee is a must.  With their minimal words and great artwork, these tees are sure to be a hit with celebrity mommies.  Can’t you just see APPLE MARTIN wearing LITTLE UNI’S Delicious Apple tee at her birthday party this May?  Don’t steal my gift idea Chris.  How about the Bloom tee in olive for VIOLET AFFLECK?  So modern and hip, LITTLE UNI knows what trendy mommies want….comfy tees for baby that say a lot, without all the fuss. Check out their distinctive style at www.littleuni.com.