Hit Parade

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We all know that organic clothing is best for your baby.  Cotton that is free of chemicals and environmentally friendly isn’t just for green celeb mommies like GWYNETH PALTROW and GWEN STEFANI ( did you know she requires organic food and beverages backstage on her latest tour?  Such an Organic Diva!).  Organic clothing is accessible to all, and finding outfits that are hip and now can be easy with a visit to Parade Organic.  Cheeky and charming onesies, tees, kimonos and pants that are comfortable, and earth friendly.  We are loving our little babe in their Peanut tee and the Pumpkin onesie is just spot on.  They take all the terms of endearment that we use for our children and puts them on display on organic cotton clothes.  Who doesn’t have a Buttercup or a Sweet Pea in their life?  Go green and see what all the buzz is about at www.parade.ca