Meal Time & Nap Time Made Chic

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Dilly Hearts

What could be more classy and fashionable than a pink bib and burpie with the Eiffel Tower?  How about a super gorgeous pink and chocolate brown minkee blanket?  Have your cake and eat it too at Dillyhearts, a swanky mom’s new best friend.  We are so impressed with our blanket and bib set that we wanted to share our find with everyone.   We love their selection of gorgeous patterns and if the Eiffel Tower isn’t your thing then maybe their Surfer Girl or Funky Jungle creations will make you and baby swoon.  Dillyhearts also specializes in dresses, play aprons (we’re loving the Seaside Rose pattern), and keepsake pillows.  Fabulous gifts for your hip, in-the-know mommy friends.  Check out the finds at, they’re a savvy mom must have.