Rock On Little Baby!

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Slick Sugar

Do you find yourself humming ACDC’s Thunderstruck while changing a nappy?  Do you secretly wish KISS would bring their reunion tour to your little town?  Are you and baby dancing to Bon Jovi instead of The Wiggles?  If you answered yes to those questions, then your baby needs to dress the part.  SLICK SUGAR makes clever and hip, rock inspired tees, tanks and dresses adorned with pink guitars, rock star dogs and the 80’s tape cassette.  They take vintage wear and make it fun and funky.  Our fave is the ribbed tank in brilliant green with the sassy pink guitar.  Perfect with a flared summer skirt and white ballet flats or for a day at the beach with mommy.  Celeb momma ANGIE looks like she knows a thing or two about edgy and stylish children’s clothes, so we think their sophisticated rocker tees would look fabulous on all the JOLIE- PITT children.  So crank up the Chili Peppers, slip your SLICK SUGAR tee on the baby, and dance away your troubles.  We highly recommend it.  Get you groove on at