Show Your Stripes

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Organic clothes for children is a trend worth buying into, and it’s a trend that’s here to stay.  HAPPY GREEN BEE makes colorful and funky threads that are grown free of nasty things like pesticides and chemical fertilizers.  Who wants those things on baby’s skin?  HAPPY GREEN BEE is from the same creator of Burt’s Bees, the maker of that cult favorite honey lip balm we know you all have in your bag.  They make clothes that can easily be mixed and matched and layered.   We love their playful striped patterns and super soft organic cotton.   The cardigan in it’s bright yellow and orange, makes a great outfit paired with leggings and one of their solid colored organic tees that will be available this summer.  We can’t get enough of their gorgeous signature dress with it’s funky uneven hem and smart, bold colors.  With GWYNETH PALTROW’S well known love of all things organic, and her consistent sense of style, we think this dress would look so perfect on her little APPLE.  These are clothes that are full of imagination and character, just like your children.  When worn, they command attention and we noticed that it was next to impossible to be in any form of a snit while wearing HAPPY GREEN BEE.  It’s just too darn cheerful and fun.  So give into the urge and dress your little bee in some sharp and snappy outfits,  You will smile all day long.