Yummy Bath Oil

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I am a beauty product addict and I think my little tot is on her way there too.  She loves the pretty packages and scrumptious smells as much as her mommy.  We just started using MUNDO’S Baby Oil with delectable calendula.  So rich and moisturizing, our skin will be super soft for summer.  That’s the beauty of this fab MUNDO product, it can be used for you and baby.  Put a little in the tub, or massage it onto baby’s skin after a bubble bath.  Relaxation and bonding all in one fantastic bottle.  We love how simple and pure MUNDO baby products are.  Plants, jojoba oils, and organic herbs and flowers make up the soothing concoctions we have fallen in love with.  Mommy Tip:  I rub the Baby Oil on my feet at night and put on some sensible socks (yah, I know…really sexy) and in the morning VOILA!…soft smooth feet to slip into my sandals.  Check out all of MUNDO’S yum body products for you and baby at www.mundoproducts.com.