A Tea To Impress

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I’ll admit it, I’m a tea snob.  I like my tea strong, flavorful and hot.  Especially since having a baby when precious mommy moments are far and few between, a luke warm, grey cup of tea just won’t do.  Thankfully, I found ADAGIO TEAS, a company that takes it’s drink of choice very seriously.  Featured in the New York Times and Food and Wine magazine, ADAGIO TEAS are taking over the “tea-totaller” world.  We love the simple yet high end look to the triangular mesh tea bags.  No messy loose leaves here.  All you get is ease and style and a great cuppa!  ADAGIO TEAS has just about every flavor you’ve heard of and ones you’d never think of.  We like to play it safe at our house, so yes, I’m a big fan of their Golden Yunnan Black Tea.  But when I’m feeling a little crazy or when I want to impress the guests, I whip out the Jasmine Bloom.  A hand woven tea cluster will unfold to reveal a jasmine flower in your yummy cup.  Yes, you will get a few oohs and ahhhs, and it’s delicious.  If your looking for a gift for a tea drinker in your life, ADAGIO TEAS also has some fabulous tea pots and starter sets.  You’ll be serving High Tea before you know it!  All you tired mommies:  Put the babies down for their nap, and pour yourself some “me time”.  www.adagio.com

Green Teas Sampler,6 tins

Black Teas Sampler, 6 tins

Gourmet Black Tea Set