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California Baby

Being the first day of summer, we thought we should rave about our favorite sun screen for children.  CALIFORNIA BABY is our beach time must have, as well as California celeb mommy DENISE RICHARDS, according to Child Magazine (my fave “mommy time”read).  Their sunscreen is chemical free and uses all natural ingredients, so it’s safe for your wee one.  We love the non-greasy feel and they’re right when they say it works great for mommy’s face under make-up…no sticky mess while it protects you from dreadful wrinkles.  If your planning a camping trip or a family hike or two this sunny season, don’t forget to keep the buggies off the kids.  CALIFORNIA BABY makes the best combo of sunscreen and bug repellent out there, and it’s super safe for little tots over 6 months.  Their Citronella Bug Blend keeps the bites at bay with citronella, cedar wood and lemongrass, and it won’t sting the eyes.  How convenient and fantastic is that?  We love 2 in 1 products…leaves more room in the diaper bag for a gossip mag.  We love all their fresh products, from the yummy I LOVE YOU Bubble Bath (with essential oils) to their gifts packs that make a great baby shower gift.  So go frolic in the sun, just remember to slap on the sun screen and slip on a fabulous hat.  Check out the buzz at

California Baby Starter Tote

Sunscreen SPF 30+ – No Fragrance, 2.9 oz

SPF 30+ Sunscreen – Citronella Bug Blend, 2.9 oz