Find Of The Week:Largo’s Lipstick

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Vincent Largo

Sometimes all you need to feel fabulous is a great lipstick.  You can be schlepping around in your baggy jogging pants and an old pub crawl tee with mac-n-cheese stains courtesy of your darling daughter….you slip on some yummy lipstick and PRESTO…you feel like Cindy Crawford.  Well, maybe that’s a bit dramatic, but I truly feel a million times better once I have a little color on my lips.  VINCENT LARGO, uber makeup artist to the stars and celeb mommies of Hollywood has just the thing for summer.  His BABY BALM LIPSTICK SPF12 is a definite mommy must have.  It’s a gloss meets lipstick/balm.  The best of all worlds, and it comes in subtle shades that will look great at the beach with the family and out for a romantic date with the husband .  It moisturizes and gives your lips a boost of natural looking color.  VINCENT has worked with such gorgeous celeb mommies as GWYNETH PALTROW (where have you been hiding lately?) and SARAH JESSICA PARKER (loving the look of her affordable new line Bitten).  Our fave is the Bon Voyage shade….makes us feel like we’re picnicking at Versailles… so glamorous.   See all that MR. LARGO has to offer at