Maternity Jeans From The Catwalk

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Toss out those frumpy old maternity overalls ladies.  Pregnancy is a time to show off your fabulous bump and let the world know you are the yummiest of mummies.  Maternity jeans that are straight from the Milan Fashion Week are a must for the stylish pregnant momma to be.  PIETRO BRUNELLI makes the most figure flattering and chic maternity jeans we’ve ever had the pleasure of wearing.  They feel like they were tailored to fit me personally.  So comfortable and chic, these high end jeans will make you feel like the sexy and beautiful woman you are.  Made in Italy and worn by celebrities throughout Europe and all over the world,  PIETRO BRUNELLI’S pret-a-porter maternity line will make you the most delicious mommy on the block.  We love our stretch denim with vintage detailing.  It hugs the body in all the right places.  His modern maternity jeans celebrate motherhood and help show the world how stunning a pregnant woman is.   PIETRO BRUNELLI MATERNITY APPEAL, featured in Junior Pregnancy & Baby and Vogue Bambini, is simply the most gorgeous and elegant line of maternity wear available.  It’s for the woman who doesn’t want to give up her impeccable style and edge.  His dresses and shirts, made of the most desirable fabrics are found on pregnant mommies all over Paris, London and Milan…slip on a pair of his exquisite jeans and you’ll see why.  Strut on over to for some European style.